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Amateur and Professional artists are welcome

Contact us at

mail@salfordartclub.co.uk or kendovid@salfordartclub.co.uk

Telephone: Club Contact No 0161 950 5019



   Salford Art Club is a friendly and sociable group whose Members' talents range from beginner to very accomplished. New Members are always made welcome and can just 'fit-in' at their own level.
   We do not preach or teach but encouragement and help are there for all who ask for it.
   The Club has a long and proud history of Members who are, or have become talented artists. Some have achieved recognition by having their work exhibited or even having their own exhibitions.
   Perhaps you are a budding Lowry, Edith Breton or Harold Riley. Whatever your ambitions you are reading this because , beginner or experienced, you are interested in finding the 'artist within you'.
   You don't have to pay to join straight away. Check us out for free for a couple of weeks. And beginners won't need masses of 'start-up' equipment. Most art begins with pencils and a sketch pad, (plus an eraser!).
   So why not come along. You have nothing to lose but an awful lot to gain. Whether it be fame or just the pleasure of being able to say: " I did that".
   Models are not easy to access. We have regular Life, Portrait and Costume models, plus Still Life subjects, as we try to keep our meetings varied and interesting. We also have a variety of excellent, very experienced, Demonstrators and Speakers to stimulate new ideas and show interesting techniques. Sometimes these are 'tutorial workshops' which may extend over two sessions, or be an 'on-site', all-day, event. ( Outdoors when possible).
   New Members are new blood, keeping our Club alive and lively; stimulating what exists and contributing fresh ideas. 


We have completed the and transformed the down stairs big office. The whole space between the front door and back bay window, into a new reception, retail and café area. As well as selling contemporary designer made goods - jewellery, ceramics, fabrics and so on - and providing the best refreshments this side of 'Desperate Dan's' in Huyton, we'll be displaying some seldom seen items from our collections - enamel advertising signs, marble busts, copper pots and decorative art crockery, etc.



All Images on the Salford Art Club Website are Copyright and may not be reproduced in any way or form without the consent of the Artist


S.A.C archive  files are now in Salford Local History library


The Salford Art Club Archives  1947-2011  part 1, and  part 2 from 1967 to 2015 are now at  the Salford Local History Library at Salford Museum and Art Gallery.

To search these records contact the Library on 0161 778 0814 to book an appointment.

In part 2, Certain volumes will need permission from SAC committee to be accessed.


For further information contact the Archivist  Tel: 0161 796 7619.





This Website is closing down at the end of October 31st   2016 and our new site is salfordartclub.com